The Monarch Foundation

The Monarch Foundation

The Monarch Foundation enables the Group to do what it should be doing in the charitable sector, which is everything it can.

Our communities

The Monarch Group’s leading aviation and travel businesses and its 2,800 people operate from various operational bases across multiple geographies and serve millions of travel customers per year. As such, The Monarch Group recognises that it has an important role to play in the communities in which it operates and more widely.

Through its three core business divisions, The Monarch Group has an immensely proud history of engagement with and support for a wide number of organisations and charitable bodies in its communities and sectors.

A force for good

The Group recognises that industry more widely has the capacity, and the responsibility, to make a variety of important social responsibility impacts externally and, therefore, has a responsibility to be an effective corporate citizen in the communities where it operates and beyond. The size and nature of the Group is such that, through better coordination of its charitable activity, it should be in a position to make an even more effective commitment to a wider range of charities. At the same time, the Group's brand values can be positively reinforced to its millions of customers. The Monarch Foundation was launched in May 2013 as an internal entity to organise all of the charitable activity that is carried on by the Group and in the Group's name.

Our causes

The Monarch Foundation has selected five main charitable areas that are relevant to the business activities of The Monarch Group and its brands, and which the Group should support from both its own resources and, where its employees are involved, through activities carried out in the name of the Group:

  • disadvantaged families
  • children and young people
  • education
  • environment and sustainability
  • injured military service people and their families

Currencies for engagement

The Monarch Foundation is supporting these charities by using a range of resources at the disposal of The Monarch Group:

  • Money and financial support
  • Skills transfer
  • Benefits in kind
  • Volunteering
  • Ambassadorship
  • Networking through a Charities Forum

Employee engagement

The Group's employees are encouraged to continue their engagement with the wider charitable sector and in 2014 a limited number of 'Matching Grants' of up to £1,000 are available to our employees where there is a direct and relevant association with the five charitable causes mandated by The Monarch Foundation. These activities additionally benefit from promotion across the Group's internal communications channels.

Long-term potential

Over the longer term, The Monarch Foundation has the potential to become an important positive aspect of the Group's businesses and brands, acting as a force for good in the communities where The Monarch Group operates, and engendering among its employees and millions of customers a strong sense of loyalty and achievement in the association with effective and responsible charitable activities.

Watch our short film, which tells the story of the creation of The Monarch Foundation.

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